Hana grew up in Jamanakai Village, she had never been normal, she couldn't feel emotion.  Until she met Allen Suzuki when she was 14 years old.  They eventually started dating when they were 16 and got married when they were 21. Hana soon found out Allen was the head of the Suzuki Clan, and she loved it. She became obsessed with gaining power.  They also had 7 children together however 3 of them were put up for adoption,  the Twins(Taro and Riku), Sakura R. Suzuki and Amiko N. Suzuki were the ones that stayed, she killed Allen when Sakura was 4 years old, and due to being his wife became the next leader of the Suzuki Clan until Sakura became of age.


Hana has dark brown hair down to her shoulders, which she usually wears up in a messy bun. she has icy blue eyes and due to often being outdoors, has a slight tan. She wears a Lavender sundress with black ballet flats, with her old engagement ring which has a pearl in it. She also wears a pearl necklace and onyx earrings.


Hana is emotionless, she doesn't care about anything not even her own children. She is clever, and VERY sly.  She never wants to do what is right and often helps the wrong people.

Members of the Suzuki Clan

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